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Welcome to the Next Step BI blog!

Welcome to the Next Step BI blog! Here we will be publishing step-by-step tutorials that will help anyone become a pro with Power BI.

Although we will be posting about all things Power BI, our particular area of focus lies with Power BI Paginated Reports. Some of you may be asking: what even are Paginated Reports? Imagine an editable PDF that can tap into your data sources (i.e. Azure SQL Database, SQL Server, Power BI Dataset, Entered Data) to create visuals or populate tables. Paginated Reports are extremely powerful and allow for a high level of customization. There will be post coming out soon dedicated into delving in what Paginated Reports are and how the differ from Power BI reports.

If there is any particular Power BI concept that are you interested in, please leave a comment on this post or any other and we will do our best to address it.

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